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Planned Giving

You can provide hope for the future of Good Shepherd Penn Partners with a planned gift as a part of your financial and estate planning.

Planned gifts can also provide additional tax and income benefits to you and your family. As everyone’s situation is different, please consult your personal and tax advisors.

Planned or deferred gifts include the following:


You can name Good Shepherd Penn Partners in your will to receive a specific amount or a percentage of the estate’s value. If you already have a will, a bequest can be added to the existing will through a codicil (an addendum).

Sample language:
“I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $ __________ (or ____% of the residue of my estate) to Good Shepherd Penn Partners in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Beneficiary Designation

You can name Good Shepherd Penn Partners as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. Simply request a “change of beneficiary” form from your plan administrator, complete the form and return it. Our Tax ID is

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between a donor and a charity that promises fixed payments for life to one or two beneficiaries. Charitable gift annuities are with cash or securities and will provide you with a charitable deduction for a portion of your gift. The Development office can provide current rates based on your age.


Gifts may be restricted to the Good Shepherd Penn Partners General Endowment. Restricting gifts to the endowment will preserve the principle and generate income in perpetuity that can be used each year for the endowment’s stated purpose. To learn more about the Good Shepherd Penn Partners General Endowment or for information on how to establish a new named fund, please contact the Development office.

Other Gift Options

There are many types of planned gifts, such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts, which could help achieve your financial and philanthropic goals. Please contact the Good Shepherd Penn Partners Development office for information on these and other gift options.

A note about restrictions: If your planned gift will be restricted to one of Good Shepherd Penn Partners’s programs or departments, please contact us to be sure your gift can be used as you intend, 610-778-1075.

Please make checks payable to Good Shepherd Penn Partners.