Penn Therapy & Fitness Gets Biker on the Road Again

Lee Pedowicz riding his bike

Lee Pedowicz was used to analyzing situations from every possible angle. An electrical engineer, his job for years was to make sure the lights and electricity stayed on in New York City.

So, when Lee needed physical rehabilitation care after a series of orthopedic injuries and surgeries, he did so with the same attention to detail that made him successful as an engineer.

His story began in the 1980’s when Lee, an avid bike rider, tore his meniscus and had arthroscopic surgery for the repair. His recovery was uneventful, but fast forward to 2018, when Lee fell and fractured his hip.

The hip was so badly injured that an emergency hip replacement was performed. After the surgery, Lee went to a local physical therapy group.

“They were nice, but I didn’t really get the sense that they cared about me as a person,” says Lee.

Unfortunately, the hip replacement needed to be repeated again in 2020, which is when he found Penn Therapy & Fitness in Yardley, a place Lee now almost considers a home away from home.

“The difference in coming here was amazing,” says Lee. “The therapists here are so warm, personable and professional. Not only are they focused on my recovery, but also on protecting me from COVID. I often joked that if they sanitized one more time, things were going to fall apart.”

As luck would have it, Lee spent plenty of time with his new physical therapy team after his hip recovered. He needed additional rehabilitation for a torn rotator injury. Then, he began to have issues with his knees, having adjusted his gait to compensate for the problems and pain he experienced with his hip. A knee replacement was performed, and Lee again turned to Penn Therapy & Fitness. At one point for several months, Lee was receiving therapy three times a week, which allowed him to really get to know the staff.

“Each therapist had their own style, but they all kept their eye on the same goal – getting me moving again,” says Lee. “Whenever I asked a question, they either knew the answer or would take the extra step to find it.”

These days, things are good for Lee. Now “semi-retired” from engineering and (hopefully) with his orthopedic challenges behind him, he’s back outside and enjoying daily 25 mile bike rides with his wife again. He credits the rehabilitation care he received as the key.

“I’m able to be out and riding my bike again thanks to the work [Penn Therapy & Fitness] did,” says Lee. “I couldn’t be happier.”

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