Telehealth Physical Therapy Keeps Patient Active During COVID-19

Glenn Coyle

Glenn Coyle has kept his lifelong condition of spina bifida in check since he was young. The 37-year-old Bucks County native knows that keeping active is the most important thing he can do for his health and well-being.

Glenn’s orthopedic doctor suggested recently that he start physical therapy to strengthen his legs and use his forearm crutches more.

Glenn began his physical therapy in-person at Penn Therapy & Fitness with therapist Christina Lombardi, PT, DPT. After a few weeks, COVID-19 caused the Yardley outpatient site to temporarily close.

Penn Therapy & Fitness called Glenn soon after with the option of trying virtual therapy. Glenn said he would give it a shot. Glenn wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered how beneficial virtual therapy would be.

Christina put Glenn to work right away. They started by improving his at-home set up to optimize his workouts. Glenn set up a yoga mat and resistance bands in his room to do strengthening workouts and balance exercises.

“We only used what I had available around my house,” Glenn says. “I didn’t have to buy anything new for my therapy sessions, which was really convenient.”

They continue to work on strengthening his core and hip muscles during each session, which has helped Glenn utilize his arm crutches properly.

“No session is the same. Christina always thinks of something new while being super helpful, accommodating and conscious of my condition,” says Glenn.

Glenn continues to improve his strength during each telehealth appointment. He also practices walking outside every day. He’s not sure he would be able to accomplish that without physical therapy.

“Physical therapy is so essential with aiding and keeping me as active as possible without having to utilize a wheelchair,” says Glenn.

Glenn loves the telehealth option and plans to continue using it.

Telehealth visits are available at Penn Therapy & Fitness for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Request your virtual or in-person appointment online or call 877-969-7342. Once a telehealth appointment is set, Penn Therapy & Fitness will provide you with videoconferencing login information.

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