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Amputee Rehabilitation Program

In the United States, there are currently 1.7 million people living with limb loss. This overwhelming experience represents a dramatic change in your lifestyle and support systems, and we’re here to help you create manageable goals to return you to your highest function possible.

Our amputation program provides patients recovering from limb loss with individualized treatment plans led by a team of Penn Medicine physicians.

Who Can Benefit From Our Inpatient Amputee Program

Loss of a limb can become a major focus of your physical and emotional state, as well as work and personal life. As you adjust to a limb loss, you will find compassionate, advanced care at Penn Medicine Rehabilitation. Our patients are recovering from a variety of types of limb loss, and may require wound healing, concentrated therapy, pre-prosthetic needs, pain control, renal dialysis or other services.

Our patients are recovering from conditions such as:

  • Above knee amputation
  • Below knee amputation
  • Toe/foot amputation
  • Arm/hand amputation
  • Above knee amputation
  • Below knee amputation
  • Toe/foot amputation
  • Arm/hand amputation

“I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHERE I’D BE WITHOUT MY THERAPISTS in my corner. They really helped me get back to normal again.”

–Ryan Alburger, Former Patient

What to Expect

Pain management is another major factor that can significantly impact recovery. Residual limb pain as well as “phantom pain” can be complex and confusing, but both are very real.

Our expertise is backed by Penn Medicine, and our clinicians collaborate with your surgical teams to tailor your program to your individual needs.

Amputee Support Group

Mission: The Amputee Support Group at Penn Medicine Rehabilitation offers a variety of services to current and former partners as well as their families. Our mission is to provide an interactive forum for people to share their ideas and experiences in order to help them return to the activities that they enjoy, as well offering information about adaptations that will allow them to thrive.

Monthly meetings: This group meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

For more information: Contact Christopher Gorrell, PT, DPT at 215-893-6324 or via email.

Outpatient Amputee Rehabilitation

Outpatient therapy for amputees is part of the continuum of care through Penn Medicine, providing the same expert care found throughout Penn Medicine’s amputee care services, and our specialty inpatient amputee rehabilitation program at Penn Medicine Rehabilitation.

Outpatient Amputee Rehabilitation For Conditions Including:

  • Above knee amputation
  • Arm/hand amputation
  • Below knee amputation
  • Toe/foot amputation
  • Congenital or acquired injury
  • Hemipelvectomy

Whether your limb loss is recent and you’re transitioning from our amputee specialty inpatient program, or you just need additional support, we can provide the resources you need to live your life with the best function possible.

Outpatient Amputee Rehabilitation Services

  • Complex wound management
  • Concentrated therapy
  • Nutritional education
  • Pain management for residual limb (stump) phantom pain and sensation
  • Prosthetics evaluation and fit
  • Prosthetic training

Penn Therapy & Fitness therapists provide quality care, patient-centered resources and education to maximize independence. Our philosophy is based on holistic, patient care that enables amputees to live a fully functional life.

Outpatient Amputation Rehabilitation Location

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For more information about our inpatient rehabilitation or long-term acute care programs, or to request a tour of our facilities, please call 215-893-6570 or fill out the form below. 

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