Caring young Caucasian mother study together with small daughter teach kid pronounce voice sounds. Loving mom or teacher speech therapist learn practice pronunciation exercises with little girl child.

Speech Therapy

Injury or illness that impacts your speech can be frustrating—it can limit your ability to communicate comfortably, but also point to issues with swallowing or even other medical conditions.

Speech and language therapists at Penn Therapy & Fitness help our patients regain their speech, improve communication skills, and, if necessary, learn how to use aids to help them communicate. This may include exercises to strengthen muscles used in speech or swallowing, speech drills to help the patient speak clearly, and exercises to help the patient understand what others say.

Conditions Treated With Speech Therapy

  • Speech-Language Impairments
  • Stuttering/Dysfluency
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Vocal Dysfunction or Paralysis


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